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Hey!Say!JUMP Translations♫

Carving out our history underneath the stars

Come On A My JUMP
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A community that holds my translations for Hey!Say!JUMP/NYC songs and interviews♪
• ♪星たちの下で歴史を刻む♫•
Gisselle here~ I'm generally known as kodochalover but I decided to create this community to hold my growing compilation of Hey! Say!JUMP/NYC translations♥

Age: 20
Birthday: August 12th, 1993 (2 days after Nakajima Yuto :D)

Occupation: Student & Fan girl

Country: United States

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish and Intermediate Japanese

Favorite Johnny's Groups: Hey!Say!JUMP (fan for 5 1/2 years), NEWS(fan for 6 years),
KAT-TUN(fan for 6years), Arashi (fan for 6 years)

Add me on these sites if you'd like♪


Personal Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/gisselle.lopez.56

Facebook Community Like Page: http://www.facebook.com/comeonamyjump


 photo PotatoApril2012FBBanner.jpg

My Personal Mission Statements:

-I started learning Japanese about 4 years ago and now that I feel confident enough with what I know, I decided to start translating for the fandom as my way to give back to those who share with us all the time and to share the JUMP love to everyone x) Behold though, for I am human and I make mistakes as well lol My translations are not 100% accurate but I'm doing my best^^"

-Also,I'm not a competitive translator. If someone wants to or translates something I want to do ON LIVEJOURNAL then I will happily accept that and will work on something else. (Unless I'm already half way done then I might as well post it) What I do is for fun and to give back to you all.

-If I see that something has already been translated by someone else ON LIVEJOURNAL, then I will not re translate it since I personally feel that it's a violation within translators to re do something that has already been done lol weird, huh? x3