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21 June 2014 @ 10:49 pm
Myojo, August 2014 Yamada Ryosuke 1,000 Word Translation  
I DID IT. Oh goodness that took forever lol I feel so accomplished. I'm just gonna stop translating for today lol
I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. Sure did bring up some emotions in me.
EXTRA: "S3art" translations: Candle/Reload/Yes!/Ready Go/FOREVER/Setsunasa Hikikae ni/Oh!Idol!/Hajimari no Melody
Will post rest soon^-^

“Rather than rejoicing alone, I prefer to rejoice with everyone”

-What is Hey!Say!JUMP to you?
Hmmm, well you know, being asked “What” is a bit difficult. I think they’re my support, my vessel…they’re my life.

-Alright, I’ll go ahead and ask about your past. What’s your oldest recollection?
Maybe when I was 1?! Lying on top of my father’s belly and having him pat my cheeks. I’m the only male amongst my siblings and typically to a father, that surely made him happy. He tried raising me to become a strong man.

-You have an older and younger sister huh?
Yes. We get along really well now, but, we were like fickle siblings. Around elementary, we were known as the “fighting siblings” (laughs) (T/N: Roughly translated)

-You were also a soccer boy right?
When I was in my earlier years of elementary, I joined my hometown’s club. The captain was a kid I got along with well in school. He invited me in a trivial way, “We have a mini-game today so come play”. It was fun to participate.

-That’s how you joined
In soccer, you end up spending a lot of money on it. Like on the ball and on the spiked shoes. It wasn’t much of an influence at home, so while thinking that I might not be allowed to participate in it I asked my mom for permission. She told me, “That might be your dream”.

-You were accepted into the Jr. Youth selection of the J-league weren't you
You’re usually not supposed to say things like these but, It’s not like I wanted to make it in. At that time, the captain was invited and 4 other team mates went and applied for the selection as well.  Clearly, I was the worst player on the team yet I was the only one who got in.

But, after that a lot of bullying started. My team mates from my hometown team wouldn’t pass me the ball and they’d bully me in class too. Well, whatever they’d do to me, I’d give it to them right back (laughs)

-How was the Jr Youth?
There was this one kid I really hated. We started talking and we started getting along little by little later on.

-Why did you dislike him?
He was really good at soccer. But he’d never pass the ball. I ‘d have to do it myself. He was like this lump of selfishness. Soccer isn’t a solo game, it’s a game of team work. Like, what was it that I should treasure? I was more or less good so perhaps it was important for me to be accepted by those who surrounded me. Perhaps it was important to make sure our team won matches. Rejoicing a victory alone is different than rejoicing it with others. I definitely want to rejoice with everyone.

In addition, I’m a person that makes it through things. “A guy with a bonus”

-You passed the audition for Johnny’s during your 5th year in elem. How did that happen?
My mom and sisters sent in an application without telling me. I wasn’t familiar at all with the entertainment industry. Although I knew my mom liked Kinki Kids and I had gone to one of their concerts.

-How was the concert?
It was really cool. At that time, Yabu (Kota) and Hikaru (Yaotome) came out for a bit. They said, “Such a small kid is doing his best. Amazing”

-And then and application was sent in without you knowing at all
I was told out of nowhere, “You have an audition today”. I was like, “Eh?!”

-You didn’t want to go?
I didn’t want to go. I mean, it was embarrassing. But they convinced me by saying they’d buy me a world cup limited edition pin badge (laughs)

-3,000 people participated. It was a live audition on “Ya-ya-yah”, the show Hikaru and Yabu appeared in wasn’t it
That’s right. There were reviews over and over again. You’d end up thinking, “I wonder if I didn’t do good” Afterwards I had a comeback

-Then you splendidly made it through
I’m the kind of person that makes it through things. I thought, “A guy with a bonus”

There’s nothing wrong with carrying someone’s dream

-Weren’t your lessons during your Jr. days troublesome?
Amongst the multitude of people, I was at the very edge of the rear. Although we had mirrors in the place where we had our lessons, you can’t see yourself when you’re all the way at the back. You can’t see anything at all. You don’t know how you yourself end up dancing. I might have ended up talking about that. My parents bought me a huge mirror. I often practiced my dance lessons at home. When my family would see me dancing they’d tell me, “Go over there!” How nostalgic!

-The days of no acknowledgement continued on
It took 2 years before I was able to hold a microphone. People that were there the same amount of time as me had gotten to hold one already, all I had to do at that time was dance. It was frustrating. People holding the mic had the spotlight shining down on them but I did not. Felt like it was getting further away from me. Felt like a distance that I’d never ever be able to reach.

-It was really frustrating.
During the 2nd year when I got my turn, I thought “at last”, but, I had done it earlier than others had and there were still plenty of them who were still going through hardships. Although I didn’t say anything about it. But to me, those were the longest 2 years ever. The longest

-You didn’t feel like giving up?
Many times. There were also times where I thought “My own abilities won’t be enough for this”. Having the president or someone else take interest in you and luck were necessary.

-That’s the tough part of it
I’ve had the president tell me, “That kid is better than you are”. I ended up thinking, “It’s over for me” (laughs)

-What was it that turned that adversity into strength?
Even if I was told that I wasn’t liked, I’d turn that into a fire. Something like, “Even if I’m told those things, I might become someone to be interested in”.  Well, at its own timing. There were many times where I’d over do it and fail.

-You really do hate losing don’t you
Yeah. Also, it might have been because I hate making my parents sad. Whenever they’d see me struggling they’d tell me, “It’s ok to quit” but inside I’d think that they really do want me to continue. “There’s nothing wrong with carrying someone else’s dream” is what I’d think. It wasn’t just because they bought me a mirror. After having them take me there, seeing how much my family supported me, I thought that I should try seeing how far I could get

-What was your dream at that time?
Debut!! Getting put in a group and debuting. That’s why, even now I’m that person who’s existence isn’t being projected into this mirror but, for the sake of my dream, in front of all those people, little by little, I pushed forward and moved along.

I ended up feeling the limit. I can’t overcome Yuto’s wall

-At that time, what was Nakajima Yuto’s presence to you?
He had this, “No one can beat Yuto” kind of charisma to him. But I was the only one who thought that I should try and overcome him. In secrecy (laughs)

-I see
But, even I ended up feeling the limit. That I can’t overcome Yuto’s wall. There were several times where I thought, maybe I should give up on that. Every single day, I’d shout it out. And within me, even though the moment I thought that Yuto was just different than me, the one who’d end up scolded would be me. Although, the moment I said “as for now—“, my position has shifted. That’s why all I can say now is “sorry”. It was shameful. Even though I’d have things to say, not saying them to protect myself is pretty lame isn’t it? A man who can’t take back his words. I can’t forgive the me who couldn’t give in.

-There was a time you stood in for Yuto for a Tackey and Tsubasa concert right?
Right. I was Yuto’s replacement, but it’s not like I was the center, I was at the very end of those who were at the same year as me. I had my frustrations about it but, I definitely had to think of it as a chance. 2 days before the concert, it was decided that I’d be his replacement. I had to memorize 24 dance sets by that time. I had to ask our Jr. upperclassmen to help me out and teach me.

-It was troublesome for you wasn’t it
But you know, someone was surely watching me. This was when I was waiting for my turn during “Takizawa Enbujou” but, all of a sudden, (Tadayoshi) Okura-kun came and said, “So you’re Yamada-kun? You’re good at dancing aren’t you”.  I told him “Eh?! I’m all the way back here, on top of that, I dance all the way at the back and you remember my name?” I was so happy. Different senpai would come and tell me things several times. Someone was able to recognize that I was trying so hard. It reached someone.

-That’s right
Even during the stage play “One!” I was sent in a hurry as Yuto’s replacement and I think Takizawa (Hideaki) was the one who handpicked me. I wasn’t exactly told about that though. Seeing all of that I thought, maybe they picked me. That’s why I’m really thankful to Takizawa-kun.

-How busy were you?
There were two performances in one day, one after another (laughs) I memorized all of my dance moves and lines in a few hours. The president would come running in from the seating area and praise me saying, “YOU were great!”

-That year, you acted in the drama, “Tantei Gakuen Q” didn’t you?
I was called during the interval of someone’s concert. It was something like an interview. I was wondering what it was all about, but it turned out to be an audition. I recently heard this but, it seemed like back then they had decided on giving the role of Amakusa Ryuu to Yuto. But someone had mentioned my name and they decided to meet me.

-Weren’t you happy about rising up amongst all the other Jrs?
It wasn’t enough. The feelings of it not being enough were stronger than anything else. Not once was I satisfied. When I was doing back dancing for “Seishun Amigo” it was decided that I’d be dancing with Yuto. They’d start putting us together even when we back danced in a music tv show for Tegoshi kun. Yuto would be in red and I would be in blue. At that time was when I started thinking, “I’ve finally caught up to you”. That’s when I started becoming incredibly conscious of Yuto, to the point where I thought that I wanted to pierce through it.

-So you were thinking about those things
The way to say it is difficult but, it was really fun back then

-It was fun?
I clearly had a rival that was stronger than me, it was a feeling of wanting to aim for that. Because there’s people that supported me, I also had to be strong.

The group I pictured isn’t like this

-When Hey!Say!JUMP was announced in 2007, what did you think?
I was happy about it. Even my family was extremely overjoyed.

-Where you really busy when “Tantei Gakuen Q” was made into a continuing drama?
It was pretty bad

-Then, what about when Hey!Say!JUMP was formed?
It happened at a Jr. live event in Yokohama arena. They secretly got us together and we practiced a song that we had never heard before. I thought, “what could this be?”. If you had good perception then you’d be able to notice right? But I have horrible perception so I wasn’t able to realize it (laughs) Afterwards the president called us over and said, “You guys are going to debut”. “Hey!Say!JUMP” was written on a white board.

-What did you think the moment your dream came true?
This is a joke right? (laughs) “No way” I said. Why would they pick me to be amongst this group of people? I was happy at that moment but I was confused. I mean, Yabu and Hikaru, the ones I had seen at a Kinki concert were there too. I was put together with those two. I thought, “Is this really true?!”

-You and Takaki became the centers for your second single, “Dreams Come True” didn’t you
The moment “center” was mentioned I didn’t know what was going on. While thinking, “I want to overcome Yuto one day” I also thought that there was no way to do so. Yuya was doing good with “Gokusen” so just for that one time they decided on us two. However, after that, they started establishing me as the center. From then on, my connection to Yuto came crumbling down. I didn’t know anymore. The things I couldn’t imagine had actually happened. I didn’t understand how to connect one end to another anymore.

-There must have been a difference in those who supported you and the rest around the time of your first concerts as JUMP
The huge cheers would make me happy. Honestly. But, there were also times where I felt unpleasant feelings towards the other members. It was like feeling out of place. Like, “Huh?! Why, why, why, why?” For a moment I wished for that cheering to stop. Somehow it was like I awoke to something.

-What do you mean?
Even though it was what I was aiming for the whole time, it was completely different now that it had actually become a reality. The group I had pictured wasn’t like this.

-Was it like the feeling you felt in elementary school when you were in the soccer team?
They might be the same. I had been put in to be part of a group, everyone was looking on with the same gaze, all at the same step. We were all walking with the same tension. I don’t want to rejoice by myself. Because I wanted to be in a group so I could rejoice with everyone.

If someone else was able to do it then I could do it too

-You appeared in 4 dramas in 2008 right?
I came out in that many?

-You were busier than all the other members. Did you ever feel any solitude?
I did. I wasn’t flooded by it though. I thought, “Why is it just me?” Although I understand why now, I’m sure back then the other members also thought, “Why only that guy?!” Perhaps the one who felt that the most was Yuto.

-While you were busy with work, you started high school the following year. What kind of high school life style did you have?
I had fun being in high school. But having heavy pressure at work caused moments of emotional instability for me after all. During my 2nd year of high school when I was feeling emotionally unstable, the person that noticed it was my homeroom teacher. He was my teacher for Japanese but even during the middle of our lessons he’s tell me, “Come here for a bit” and he’d tell the class to do self study while he’d take me to the library. He heard me out with whatever I’d have to say. He said, “This too is class time”.

-For “SUMMARY 2011” JUMP was appointed as the hosts right
When the first day ended, the moment we gave our “Good-bye” greetings, I couldn’t raise my neck. Just like that I went over to the hospital and I was told that they’d have to hospitalize me. I had both a physical and emotional burden on me. When we parted, my mind was loose for a moment. I felt then that I’m not a professional. But, JUMP were the hosts and our senpai had overcome their problems no matter what had happened. The next day, I was always in contact with a trainer behind the scenes and I overcame it

-Why did you go that far?
Because we had people that were looking forward to our live stage

-That kept you going?
Yes. I think so. Treasuring something doesn’t take talent. It’s feelings. It’s whether someone can decide if they can do it or not. If it was possible that us trying our best would make someone happy, if it was possible that it was for someone’s sake then doesn’t that turn it into something lovely? Limits? Talent? Those words won’t settle it. We have people that look forward to us after all. If you think that way then rather than thinking if you can or can’t do it, how about making it important to try it out first? I don’t want to become a lame guy who gives up before he even tries.

-I see
I thought about that again when I was working on “Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo”. When my schedule was looking really tight and my lines were really long. Like when I had to read through 29 pages in one go. “This is hard isn’t it? You have longer lines than past generations” is what the staff of “Kindaichi” would tell me.

-“Kindaichi” is famous for having long lines isn’t it?
Right. But, they all point out that everyone was able to do it. Those words light me up in fire. I think, “Since someone else was able to do it, if I practice, I too can do it”. Or how, if Chinen was able to do the mid-air swing then I too can do it if I practice. But I might not be able to do it (laughs) But, it’s not about can you do it? Or can you not do it? If you try it and it’s no good then find the source of where you went wrong, improve it and then try it one more time. It’s good to try it as many times as you need until you get it right.

-That way of thinking is wonderful in my opinion
It’s not that I’m someone with amazing confidence (laughs) I wasn’t born with a particularly special talent, I’m not tall, I have a round face, I have tons of complexes. It might take me a long time but, I think that if someone has done it then I can surely do it too.

-Your belief is strong
Not at all, I don’t really talk about this often but when I had to go to inside a hospital clean room, I received a letter from a child with an illness. The letter said, “JUMP and Yamada-kun give me health and energy”. I was worried but a day later I received another letter from the same kid. It said, “I’ve been discharged”. I was so surprised. As for me, as for us, if we’re able to give energy or something else to anyone out there then we can’t give up

Something inside of me burst open

-Immediately after you debut, you said you remember feeling uncomfortable about the way the group was formed right?
I don’t feel that at all now.

-When did you start feeling that way you do now?
This is fairly recent but there was something huge during “Johnny’s World”

-What happened?
At the same time that we had rehearsals for it, I also had recording to do for “Kindaichi”. JUMP had been talking about the theme song and we were all really excited about it. “Kindaichi” has its share of history as a great piece of work so the theme song would definitely catch a lot of attention. I thought “Johnny’s World” would be JUMP’s competing live stage and everyone was talking about how “a huge wave was coming our way”. I thought “How great. Now’s our time!” and then----

-It was decided that you’d be singing alone
I was the only one called during our “Johnny’s World” rehearsal. I was told, “You’ll be doing the theme song alone this time.” I felt that everything had turned pitch black for me at that moment. I couldn’t even get words to come out. On top of that I had to go back to the dressing room and tell the rest of the members.

-The members must have been shocked too
When I got back to the rehearsal, everyone else was in high spirits. They didn’t know yet that I was going to be the only one singing. Everyone was looking forward to the kind of song we’d possibly be singing together for the theme song. Only I knew. It was harsh that only this was happening for me. Something inside of me burst open when I saw the member’s faces. It was impossible. Somehow, feelings of doubt started to pile up. Something broke all at once. Like how you’re only supposed to draw out one jenga block yet it tumbles down on you when you do.

-Something broke inside of you
Even within my private life, things were already piling up during that timing. What should I feel? What should I focus on? I didn’t know anything anymore. I went to see our manager. I told him, “Once the things I have on schedule are done, please let me quit. I can’t do this anymore.”

-You thought you wanted to get away from this world

-But you wished to “pierce through it all” didn’t you? Didn’t you think of your solo as a shortcut to get to that?
No way. I can’t leave anyone behind! I love them. I love them all. No matter what hardships I’ve been through or the harsh things I’ve been through, everything was because I believed in JUMP and got this far. But no matter what way I decided to go, I’d end up hurting someone…

-That’s why you wanted to quit
I never told the members about that. The ones I confided in first about my solo debut where to Yuya and Dai-chan. When I did they said, “Taking advantage of this will open up a huge air hole. Good wind will blow in!”. We went ahead and did a group text chat as JUMP and I said, “I’m sorry this time. I’ll be doing it alone.” Then everyone told me, “We understand how you’re feeling so do your best!”. The one who responded the fastest was Yuto. Somehow I thought, “huh?”. Yuto is supposed to be the one who’d be suffering the most yet he’s handling this more maturely then I am. I felt embarrassed.

-And you held on to you wanting to quit
I couldn’t betray them like that after all. I remembered that we all made a promise when we had our debut. “Let’s launch huge fireworks!” we said. We still haven’t launched fire works together. I haven’t thought about anything stupid like betraying them ever, not even once. If I wasn’t here with JUMP, there’d be nothing left for me. I’d have nowhere to go. (laughs)

Because we’ll always be here supporting one another

-You mentioned that Hey!Say!JUMP was your life.
Because we’ll always be here supporting one another. Really, ever since the beginning. Because Keito didn’t have a history with Johnny’s he couldn’t do anything in the beginning. He cried way more than he does now (laughs) Immediately after our formation, we all got together and talked without Keito.  We said, “That guy is putting in great effort, believing he’ll catch up to us someday. Let’s match up with that guy right now.” Keito has worked harder than others and even now he keeps doing his best. He has his guitar and English, these are his proper weapons to back him up. Although the person himself still thinks, “I’ve got more to go”. In a good meaning, I think that’s Keito’s virtue. If he was completely perfect then he’d no longer be Keito (laughs) Continuing to aim for something is what makes Keito.

-I see
Also, Yuya and Dai-chan were the ones I consulted first about my solo debut, but those two really thought about the group, they thought about everyone. They’re an indispensable existence to me. Chinen’s existence is big to me too. I never believed genius’ existed but they do (laughs) What frustrates me is that even though I really really practiced tight rope walking and he did it in one go. On top of that, he’s the one member that always has this cool, composed expression when he says, “I did it”. When I see that expression, the members take offense. Because we’re all the same in how we think, “If you did it then I can do it too”. That’s why Chinen’s presence is really motivational within our group. Chinen thinks of it till that point, faces us and then makes that face when he says, “I did it” (laughs)

Hikaru-kun, Yabu-kun and I have gone against each other many times too. Sometimes it’s with Yabu. There’s been times when our opinions don’t match up and it seems like a fight will break out of it. But the next day it’ll be like, “Good morning~” and we’ll settle things by saying, “I understand how you feel but also understand the way I think and feel”. Even if we can’t picture it or our opinions differ, the thing we both aim for is still the same. He’s the one that overlooks JUMP and because he’s there balance exists in our group.

-That’s right
Although there are several times when our intuitions differ and we end up being reckless but even Inoo-chan as well, he really treasures JUMP. It was about a year and a half ago I think, we were having conversations about where JUMP was heading and what we should prioritize for our futures. Because it was such a heavy conversation, we all went back to our rooms with our tensioned up expressions. Then Inoo-chan came knocking to my room. Then he suddenly lowered his head and told me, “Thank you, Yamada.” He told me, “Just like the conversation we had earlier, if you hadn’t conveyed that then it wouldn’t have happened. Because you’re here, JUMP can do the activities it does now. Thank you.”
My senpai was facing me and telling me something like this, it was really cool to me. He moved my heart, he’s truly a warm person.

-You really love the members don’t you
Yeah. I love them quite a lot (laughs)

To be honest, I used to not like you

-Is it ok if I ask about your relationship with Nakajima-kun?
Of course

-You’ve always called him, “Yuto-kun”. So when exactly did you start calling him just, “Yuto”?
Like, Yutti too? (laughs) Last year when Chinen turned 20 in November, it meant that all of 7 had turned 20. The 4 of us went out together to celebrate. This is the first time I mention this but, at that time I still had a bit of a wall left over with Yuto so I took a dive and said, “Let’s speak truthfully today, I’ll start”.

-What did you say?
I told Yuto, “To be honest, I used to not like you”. After hearing that both Keito and Chinen said, “I didn’t take any notice!” It was too much of a bombshell announcement. The two of us ended up laughing (laughs)

-What did Nakajima-kun say?
“I get it. Also, I too didn’t like you.” He said. “But you know, the two of us sharing this means we’re on our path to adulthood”. That’s why, “Let’s end this already.”, “Understood”, we said. From then on all of us spoke truthfully. We said, “From now on let’s not just rely on BEST. Let’s rely on our own strengths to pull JUMP along”. Now Yuto and I occasionally meet up and have meals together or I call him over to my house. That moment was extremely important.

-I’m glad
Yeah. To me, the members have to be there. From now on, JUMP will be my support, my vessel. I want that vessel to take in everyone’s essence and invest in it.

-As for JUMP, what will it become?
For now, it’ll go up, up, up. We’re still not allowed to see our final goal. For now, all of us will aim for the very top. Because we’re all really on the same step, walking forward.

-Thank you very much for talking about so many topics. Finally, is there anything you forgot to mention?
I spoke so much, there’s pretty much nothing left (laughs) But, from now on it’ll be JUMP. We’ll take it one step at a time. At the same pace, we’ll head towards the same dream and we’ll take the same step forward together. The members and I think that it’ll all be from now on. That’s why I’d like you to write down, “Please watch over JUMP from now on”.

Owari :3
What did you all think? I teared up for sure

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Thanks so much for translating this! I really wanted to know how yamada had felt abt Yuto in a long while, so reading really had a lot of feels. Thanks again for translating!

Edit: not sure if anyone has shared it but can I get ur permission to share ur link in tumblr?

Edited at 2014-06-22 09:04 am (UTC)
Gissellekodochalover on June 22nd, 2014 06:49 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
And sure go ahead x3 thanks for letting me know~
jamdsbandcrzyjamdsbandcrzy on June 22nd, 2014 09:01 am (UTC)
Ahh thank you so much for translating it ^^ Haha I think I may have teared up too >.<
Gisselle: Hot Daichankodochalover on July 19th, 2014 08:27 pm (UTC)
no problem! :D
uwaah i'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one that teared up >w<
thanks for reading and commenting♪
chocokuuchocokuu on June 22nd, 2014 09:14 am (UTC)
you love jump i love u too ryosuke! ^3^

twas long! arigatou gichan <33333
Gisselle: kakigori Yamachankodochalover on July 19th, 2014 08:28 pm (UTC)
LOL x) I wish Yama-chan could read this comment lol

no problem, choco♥
thanks for reading and commenting as always *A*
rinrin_qqrinrin_qq on June 22nd, 2014 09:16 am (UTC)
my heart is like...welling up and full with emotions now. can't express it well.

Yama-chan really loves jump, he is so precious and I completely aware that he will always be someone I admire forever.

Haters should try to read this and understand that he is so different than what they've thought.

thank you sooooo much for translating *huggggggssss* XD
Gisselle: ohbabykodochalover on July 19th, 2014 08:31 pm (UTC)
I got that feeling too. It's like, reading what someone else went through in their life makes you think about yours too... it's a strange effect xD

Haters should try to read this and understand that he is so different than what they've thought.

EXACTLY!!! they only look at Yama-chan on the exterior and judge him, but they don't know what he really feels.

thanks for reading and commenting♪
Mitsukakuhiro on June 22nd, 2014 09:26 am (UTC)
I'VE CRIED FROM THE START TILL THE VERY END OMG. It's like a story of a fiction, but it's a reality of someone, who has worked all the way and stands on the place where he is now...
Without the support, he would have give up long the support... Without JUMP, without his rival Yuuto... It's his motivation.
Gosh I can't stop crying gyaaa ;___; he doesn't want to lose (he hates losing) because he doesn't want to ruin others efforts which brought him up... Gaahd
He motivates me to do my best as well <3
Thanks a lot againnn!!! <3 *hugs hugs million zillion hugs*
Gisselle: Present from sugarwhales<3kodochalover on July 19th, 2014 08:34 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome, Mitsu♥♥♥
I really admire how hard he worked to get to where he is...it's amazing reading this lol
I wish I could be more like him.
He really is good motivation x3

Thank you for reading and commenting as always♥♥♥
aiaichunyuu on June 22nd, 2014 10:48 am (UTC)
thank you so much for translating <3

so it's yuto who called him to come over to his house? i read from twitter it was yamada who did it ^^'
Gissellekodochalover on June 23rd, 2014 03:55 am (UTC)
oh wow I thought i put Yamada lol Thanks for pointing that out~
aquacrazeaquacraze on June 22nd, 2014 10:53 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! Was hoping for someone to translate this fully cause I read some snippets and it was really enlightening.

I wasn't a JUMP fan since the beginning, only joined the fandom in the end of 2010, so I wasn't aware of all the rivalries and how Yuto used to be the 'centre'. The JUMP I knew had always have Yamada as the centre.

I'm glad though that JUMP is such a close and tight-knitted group.
Gisselle: Say kodochalover on July 19th, 2014 08:37 pm (UTC)
I'm really glad you get to see this new perspective as to how JUMP used to be before Yama-chan was the center x3
I'm glad JUMP is as close as they are too. They have a really beautiful relationship going on.

and no problem!
thanks for reading and commenting♪