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31 December 2013 @ 07:22 pm
Wink Up, January 2014 Real Way of Life Survey Translation  
JUMP members get asked about their every day lives x)


Wink Up, January 2014 Real Way of Life Survey
[What in the world do the idols we care for do in their everyday lives?! This month we asked the JUMP members about how they spend their free days. Try imagining it while reading it~]

Q1: What do you think about when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning?

Daiki: I express my feelings of gratitude to my teeth, “Thank you for everything”

Yamada: I space out

Chinen: I think about making my teeth look clean

Inoo: Japan’s future!!

Yuto: I think about making my teeth clean and-- (T/N: There’s a word in here that’s got me stuck lol)

Keito: I’m sleepy…

Yabu: Become sparkly~!

Hikaru: My face looks tired doesn’t it~

Takaki: I’m looking at my face and body through the mirror!

Q2: What time do you wake up on your days off?
Yamada: 10amà Maybe around 10am?

Chinen: 10amà I end up waking up at 10

Keito: 12pmà (in English) I love sleep!

Yuto: 7amà Between 7am and 10. Even though I think to myself that I have to get up, I end up sleeping till that time…

Daiki: 12pmà Because I’m a long sleeper

Takaki: 10amà Waking up at 10am is a good hour to do so!

Inoo: 11amà One way or another It’s 11am

Hikaru: 9amà Between 9 and 10am, it’s my usual wake up time

Yabu: 9amà The hour where I’ll most likely wake up naturally to is 9am

Q3: What do you wear to sleep?

Rank #1: Only Underwear! (Yamada, Chinen)
Rank #1: T-shirt and Sweats (Keito, Daiki)
Rank #1:  Depends on the day (Inoo, Yabu)
Rank #4: Pajamas (Yuto)
Rank #4: Tank Top (Takaki)
Rank #4: Sweater and sweats (Hikaru)

Q4: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Daiki: Check my sleeping habits

Yamada: Wash my face

Chinen: Head towards the living room

Inoo: Brush my teeth

Yuto: I move towards the sunlight to soak it up

Keito: Shower

Yabu: Drink coffee

Hikaru: I let my voice out after using my inhaler (T/N: Since when does Hikaru use inhalers? O.o)

Takaki: I check my cellphone

Q5: What color is the tooth brush you’ve been using up till now?

White Toothbrush:  Yamada, Yuto, Yabu, Takaki, Hikaru

Blue Toothbrush:  Daiki, Inoo

Black Toothbrush:  Keito

Grey Toothbrush:  Chinen

Yuto:  I use a white electrical toothbrush
Takaki:  White! I got it from Yabu!!
Inoo:  A blue one and an electrical one. I use two toothbrushes!

Q6: What do you eat for breakfast?

[I eat breakfast]
Yamada: Bread
Chinen: Different things
Yuto: I drink the vegetable juice that my mom makes for me with bread or rice with milk and soup
Takaki: Pancakes
Hikaru: I used to not eat any breakfast before but lately I’ve been eating it. Stuff like udon

[I don’t eat breakfast]
Keito: Because when I wake up it’s already noon
Daiki: I don’t eat anything!
Yabu: I don’t eat it~

[The times I eat breakfast and don’t eat breakfast are even]
Inoo: When I do eat breakfast it’s rice and side dishes

Q7: Tell us the 3 things you take with you in your bag without fail when you go out!

Rank #1: Wallet (Yamada, Chinen, Takaki, Inoo)
Rank #2: Cell phone charger  (Yamada, Keito, Daiki)
Rank #3:  Sunglasses (Chinen, Keito)
Rank #3: House Key (Chinen, Inoo)
Rank #3: Cell phone (Takaki, Inoo)

Yuto:  Tissues, ---for nasal inflammation (T/N: Kanji was too small to read), cough drops
Takaki:  I put my cards inside (T/N: I’m assuming credit cards?)
Yabu:  I don’t carry a bag. I put my wallet and cell phone inside my pockets
Yamada:  Piercing box
Keito:  note book
Daiki:  Ear phones, contact lenses
Hikaru:  cough drops, file case, (T/N: Could not read 3rd one)

Q8: You think about making your own meal for dinner. What do you cook?
Keito & Inoo: Curry

Yamada: Nikujaga

Chinen: Tamago kake gohan (T/N: Raw eggs over white rice, poor chinen can’t cook after all lol )

Yuto: Peperoncino Pasta

Daiki: Fried rice! I add in sausages to it

Yabu: It’s gotta be curry, right?~~~♥♥♥

Hikaru: Curry Udon

Takaki: Hamburger

Q9: When you’re not at a good standing, what drink do you take to calm you down?
1: Water -à (Keito, Yuto, Takaki, Inoo, Hikaru, Yabu)
2: Tea à (Yamada, Takaki)
3: Cider à (Chinen)
3: Carbonated Drinks à (Daiki)

Q10 (Pt.1):On your days off, do you go out or relax at home?

[I go out!]
Keito, Daiki, Inoo, Yabu

                Q11:When you’re out buying clothes, do you consult the shop attendants or do you decide by yourself?
A.)   I decide on my own
Keito: I don’t want to go with what’s currently popular
Daiki: I listen to music while I’m out shopping
Inoo: If a conversation ends up sprouting up, I end up troubled
Yabu: Because I’ll end up buying it if I consult a shop attendant

Q12:Do you buy everything at one shop or do you go to several ones?
A.)   Everything in one
Yabu: Because I can stick to a budget if I’m in one store

B.)    I go to others
Keito, Inoo, Daiki

Q10 (Pt.2):On your days off, do you go out or relax at home?

[I relax at home!]
Yamada, Chinen, Yuto, Takaki, Hikaru

      Q11:No matter what time it is, where’s the most peaceful spot in your room?
A.)   On the sofa
Yamada, Yuto, Takaki
B.)    On the bed
C.)    President Chair

Q12:Do you end up taking an afternoon nap or do you do your best to not sleep?
[I fall asleep!]
Yamada: I end up taking a nap…
Chinen: That’s sleep after all!
Hikaru: If I end up thinking that I’m sleepy I’ll sleep for only 15 minutes

[I don’t sleep in my room but…I sleep!]
Takaki: Even if I get sleepy, I don’t sleep in my room. If by chance I got really sleepy no matter what, I do my best to drive to a place like the beach and I sleep in my car! (T/N: Why? Lol)

[I don’t fall asleep]
Yuto: Even if I don’t hold back, I don’t fall asleep.

Q13:Do you have a particular way to fold your laundry?
[I do!]
Keito: I fold it in 3 seconds!
Yuto: T-shirts have to have 3 folds

[I don’t!]
Yamada: None!
Takaki: It’s nothing serious
Inoo: None!
Chinen: I don’t understand clothes folding!
Hikaru: None at all!
Yabu: Nothing in particular

Q14:What’s the color of the tea bowl and chopsticks that you’re using now?

[Tea bowl]
Yamada: Black
Chinen: I don’t remember
Keito: White
Yuto: Blue
Daiki: White
Takaki: Black and White
Inoo: Brown
Hikaru: White
Yabu: White

Yamada: Black
Chinen: I don’t remember
Keito: Black
Yuto: Blue
Daiki: Brown
Takaki: Brown
Inoo: Brown
Hikaru: Blue
Yabu: Black with blue lines

Q15: Do you keep your room clean or do you let it pile up and then clean it up in one go?

[I keep it clean!]
Yamada: I think it’s better to keep it clean
Takaki: I keep it clean!
Hikaru: Because it gets dusty easily I keep it clean
Yabu: I keep it clean! It’s hard to stop cleaning~

[I let it pile up!]
Keito: I do it in one go. Many a little makes a mickle... (T/N: This means that many small amounts accumulate to make a large amount. In Japanese, the saying goes: “Chiri mo tsumoreba yama to naru”)
Yuto: I clean up in one go on my days off!
Daiki: (T/N: Kanji is too small to read here T^T)
Inoo: I let it pile up and then clean it in one go later

[I don’t clean?!]
Chinen: …I don’t clean (laughs)

Q16: About how long do you take in the bath?

[10 minutes]
Yamada & Hikaru
“I take a 10 minute shower!” -Hikaru

[20 minutes]
Daiki, Chinen, Keito & Takaki
“20 minute average!”-Daiki

[30 minutes]
Yuto & Yabu
“Maybe about 30 minutes?” -Yuto

[45 minutes]
Inoo: Because I take my time, 45 minutes

Owari :3
I wonder if this will be my last post of the year xD (In my half of the world lol)
I'll try to get something else in~
Happy New years to all of you who are already enjoying 2014 and happy new years to those of you who like me, are waiting for the new year tonight~ :3

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