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Here's where you'll find the links to all lyric and magazine translations :3 If anything though, you can also have a look at the
Tags, to make your search easier.
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Hello everyone!
This is Gisselle, a.k.a kodochalover.
I've been away for so so long. Too long, honestly. I've fallen behind in regards to the life and progress of JUMP. Although I thank chocokuu , inthedreamz and kakuhiro for keeping me up to date on a daily basis with the fandom xD Also i'm grateful for ithachan for finishing up a project I could no longer work on. sarachii as well!

Now, for my main content; I am returning as a translator. I really do apologize for being away for so long. There was a lot of drama in my life. People who were close and dear to me didn't appreciate that I spent so much time within the fandom so my heart grew apart from it. I regret ever distancing myself from translating and following the fandom because it was something that filled my heart with joy on a daily basis. Also, I was working hard through classes and my job that my free time allotted to translating simply vanished.I grew older and lost some people and found myself wondering; "What happened to that old me who spent so much time, enamoured by her fellow fan girls and JUMP members?" and while i thought about it more and more I found myself missing it all.
In vulgar terms, in the end I decided to say "F**k it" to it all and just went with doing what I want to do. Hence why I am here today, typing up this long, overdue post as to why I've been away for so long.

Returning as a translator won't be easy. I realize that there's new translators out there who I'd love to work with and become friends with. Also, I noticed that the sharing of scans has become rare, meaning that finding magazines to translate won't be very easy for me. I have stores near me that sell the magazines but then that becomes a separate issue involving money lol

I'm hoping to re-learn my ways around the fandom because honestly I'm kind of lost right now haha It's been 2 years now I believe since I stopped translating. For all I know, this post will most likely go unnoticed T^T lol

Anyways, I really did miss everyone and I'm so sorry I was away for so long. I want to know how everyone has been. What kind of new things have you accomplished? Did you finish school? Are you leading a lovey dovey life? xD I hope everyone has been well and hopefully, as soon as I figure out my source of translation material I can come back.

It's been so long!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been translating. I've been on a very long hiatus and I've been meaning to write a post about it on my personal lj but I haven't gotten around to doing it. A lot has happened with my feelings towards the group and life and Id like to go into more detail eventually. But for now I slowly would love to get back into translating and I hope no ones mad at me for leaving all of a sudden like that T^T I'm actually not very up to date with everythng that has been going on with the fandom so I hope i can catch up real soon with everything that's been going on!
How's everyone doing?? I've missed you all so much! Let me know what's going on in everyone's lives :D I'm sure you've all got some brand new exciting plans ahead of you~^^

So here's the translated lyrics of the short version to JUMP's new song, "Kira Kira Hikare"

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Really love this song. I'm at a point in my life where I'm feeling lost about what I wanna do in life and with other aspects
but just hearing this makes me feel a little bit better.

Enjoy :)

Other song lyrics---> ►Weekender◄ ►Ashita e no YELL
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Here's the 2nd single translation from JUMP's new single release~!


Other Lyrics: WeekenderTada Mae e
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16 August 2014 @ 01:43 am
Translated Yamada and Yuto's short conversation♥

"When I woke up I had no clue where I was"Collapse )
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09 August 2014 @ 06:21 pm
Happy Summer guys~♪
Haven't posted anything lately, my deepest apologies for that.
I hope you've all been watching Water Polo Yankees :D
Also, I changed up the community's appearance, but it looks a little too cluttered, so I might change it up again x3
Anyways, here's a new translation :D! Their conversation was really fun as always xD Some deep points too are included. Enjoy~


"Yeah. At night he’ll appear at my house without contacting me or anything"Collapse )
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Woot! Woot! NEW SONG~~♪
JUMP is trying to take away all of my money but that's ok! lol xD
jk, but no really, this song is cute and fun xD
I really like it!
I managed to translate the song after it aired tonight on Ongaku no Chikara♪
I will try to get Romaji on there eventually x) Romaji are up!
Open for corrections as always!

EXTRA:"Smart" translations: Candle/Reload/Yes!/Ready Go/FOREVER/Setsunasa Hikikae ni/Oh!Idol!/Hajimari no Melody/SuperSuperNight

Other Lyrics--> ►Tada Mae e◄ ►Ashita e no YELL
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12 July 2014 @ 11:35 am
This is an announcement for a new JUMP centered subbing community :D
Please welcome, jumpnoarika to the livejournal world!♪

And as their first project, they will be subbing "Suikyuu Yankees" with our lovely Nakajima Yuto and Takaki Yuya♥
They will be collaborating with another great subbing community, aozorasubs as their comeback project :)
Hope you can support them^0^!
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Love this pairing *A* I had to do this one *A*
I hope you guys enjoy!

EXTRA: "S3art" translations: Candle/Reload/Yes!/Ready Go/FOREVER/Setsunasa Hikikae ni/Oh!Idol!/Hajimari no Melody/SuperSuperNight


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