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21 June 2014 @ 10:49 pm
Myojo, August 2014 Yamada Ryosuke 1,000 Word Translation  
I DID IT. Oh goodness that took forever lol I feel so accomplished. I'm just gonna stop translating for today lol
I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. Sure did bring up some emotions in me.
EXTRA: "S3art" translations: Candle/Reload/Yes!/Ready Go/FOREVER/Setsunasa Hikikae ni/Oh!Idol!/Hajimari no Melody
Will post rest soon^-^

"I love JUMP very much"Collapse )
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abtomatabtomat on September 9th, 2016 02:40 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for translating this. This interview really hit me and made feel a lot of things. Yamada's really relatable and hearing his thought processes through everything he went through is really moving. It's so humbling to hear that he aimed for the top but when he got the attention he didn't like it because he was part of a group now. This made me respect him more <3
Gissellekodochalover on September 9th, 2016 09:20 am (UTC)
i'm glad to see that so many people are feeling touched by his thoughts :)
Yamada gets a lot of hate for being the member with the most attention but it's great to see how he feels from his own perspective and to see his struggles.

Thanks for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it :)
I'm happy to read that he's left an impression on you after reading this!